Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Thrill Of The Hunt

The Weekend

  1. The view while sitting on my front porch.
  2. Sometimes late at night a group of cats comes in together to eat. Always makes me laugh at the sea of kitties.  Spencer came to get me when Slate wanted to share the chair.  If only Spencer would loosen up and enjoy Slate.  He SO wants to be friends!  He just loves the boys!
  3. We sure had fun at the nascar race!  Our guy won again!  Such a fun day with Taylor and Lauren.
  4. Tiger and Velvet.  Tiger is laid back and relaxed.  Velvet has that fight or flight look with those big eyes.  I think she was afraid I was going to try to pet her.  She needs to loosen up just like Spencer! ha.
  5. Sauteing these three veggies seems to be the beginnings of many yummy meals lately!
  6. A rare daytime moon!
  7. Domino.
  8. Mrs. House Finch, in her understated loveliness.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random Thoughts

  1. I'm happy to say that the kitchen reno, that we thought would have to wait because of major household repairs, has been rescued by a couple of summer clearance sales from the stores we were looking at!  We ordered the flooring yesterday and scheduled our favorite contractor for the first week of October, so there's no turning back now!  
  2. If anyone has done a kitchen reno, I'd take any advise you have! What did you like, not like and what would you do differently?
  3. Our kitchen is 26 years old and it is just like it was when it was built in 1988.  The floor wasn't laid properly and we have about 40 tiles with cracks in them!  And thanks to Alex, who flooded the kitchen once, there is water damage along the bottom cupboards.
  4. At the auction this week I got the long runner in the picture.  I think it will look great in the kitchen, running the length of the wall with the sink and cupboards.  It was filthy and not fit to come in the house, but I vacuumed it and folded it length-wise and fit it into my washing machine!  Thank goodness for my huge industrial washer! haha.  I ran it through two cycles with extra soap and it came out great. Cocoa approves!  A great deal for $12.
  5. It was cool today...only in the 40's F this morning!  And this afternoon it smells like rain as it begins to sprinkle.  Not the worm smell, but the clean rain smell.  There IS a difference. haha.  One by one, I could see cats come out from their sleeping places under bushes and shrubs in the yard and make their way to the back porch.  We actually need rain!  We've had to use the sprinkler to water the garden this week.
  6. Where did the summer go?  I don't have kids in school anymore to mark those times, but I've heard football practice and band camp wafting across the breeze from the school down the road.  We're a university town and college kids came back this weekend.  I can't believe August is half done already!
  7. Anybody else going to the nascar race tomorrow?  If you are, come say hello....section 75 at turn 1. :)

Stress and Dreams

Slate doesn't look stressed!
I wonder what he's dreaming about.  ;)

You know how I know when I'm not handling stress very well?
It's when I cry over something entirely not worth tears.
I did that today.  Not only am I not the crying type, 
I cried over something that really wasn't such a big deal.

I also eat way too much chocolate.
Yep, I did that today, too!

I also dream about odd, random things.
Last night I dreamed about a turtle.  Very odd.  haha.
So, I looked it up on a nifty little website, www.dreammoods.com
to see what interpretation they would give.

Here's what they said..."dreaming of a turtle indicates that you
are sheltering yourself from the realities of life.  You are putting
forth a hard exterior and not letting others in.  As a result, you 
are feeling withdrawn."

Wow.  They are absolutely right!
Didn't I say I needed a shrink not too long ago? haha.
Well, I did have a friend offer to be one for me.  He knew something
 was wrong the other day before I even said anything!
How perceptive of him!  Keith!  
Any slots open on your leather couch?
I need an appointment! haha.

Thinking of ways to relieve stress, the other week I saw an
interview on TV with Jessica Ortner and her book The Tapping
Solution, which is on the New York Times Best Sellers list.
The basic idea is that you tap with your fingertip the same points
 that would be treated by acupuncture.  As she demonstrated tapping
on natural stress points such as in between your eyebrows (where
you naturally furrow your brown when stressed), I tapped, too,
while I watched the interview.  Much to my surprise, after about 20
taps, I inadvertently took in a big breath and let out a big sigh.
I kind of laughed, because it did relax me!  So, I did it again and
this time it made me yawn!  Before long, my entire face was much
more relaxed.  I also tried this on my jaw, where I tend to clinch it.
A very interesting concept!  You can watch the interview HERE

While I'm waiting for that appointment with Keith, I think a vacation day
is in order.  Taylor and Lauren are taking me to Michigan with
them on Sunday! We're going to another Nascar race.
Yes, that will be a pleasant distraction and oh, so fun, too!

Friday, August 15, 2014


I brought this piece of artwork home from the auction yesterday
and need help learning more about it.
It was sold on a table full of Maxfield Parrish prints.
The woman is holding a blooming tree branch.
She appears to be getting something off the ceiling behind
the curtain at the window.  There are bars on the window.
  And her left ankle is chained to the wall.
Is it an illustration to a story?  
Any help would be appreciated!



After searching the picture in better light I found 
the artists signature.  Burne-Jones.

And here's what Wiki says about the painting ~

Hope is a late oil painting by the Pre-Raphaelite artist 
Edward Burne-Jones.  It was painted on commission for
Mrs. George Marston Whitin of Whitinville, Massachusetts in 1896.

Mrs. Whitin originally requested a painting of a dancing figure, but
Burne-Jones, devastated by the recent death of his long-time friend
and partner William Morris, struggled with the work and wrote to ask
if a painting of Hope would be an acceptable alternative.  The result was
an allegory in the Renaissance fashion, with the bound personification
of Hope reaching skyward despite her bars.

The painting is based on an 1871 watercolor by Burne-Jones.
The watercolor is likely painted over the original cartoon for one of
a set of stained glass designs of the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope,
and Charity created by Burne-Jones for Morris, Marshall, Faulknor
and Company.  A three-light window based on Burne-Jones' designs
was commissioned for the nave of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.
The stained glass designs were also used for a set of windows at 
St. Margaret's Church, Hopton-On-Sea. 

The oil pinting of Hope was donated to the Museum of Fine Arts, 
Boston by Mrs. Whitin's daughters in her memory.

And there you have it!