Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wonder Woman

Hey, it's Halloween!
At least for one day we can be be whoever we want to be,
even if it's only in costume.  (wow, that's a lot of eyeliner! lol!)
I can even take the "wannabe" off the end of my title. ha.
Now excuse me while I zip up my boots and 
step back into a comic book.....time is ticking and I
turn back into a normal Midwestern girl in 24 hours....

The Four Seasons

Four seasons, one view.
I like the winter one best!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Random Thoughts

from my studio window

  1. I gave all 5 of my men hair cuts over the weekend.  Boy, did they need it, too!  Harry had started playing with a curl on his forehead and I knew if I didn't cut it soon, he'd find scissors and attempt it himself!  Yeah, it's happened before!  Not pretty! ha.
  2. I couldn't believe it when I got an automated email from www.organizedchristmas.com on Monday, announcing that Christmas was 8 weeks away and my daily plan for a stress-free holiday started that day! ha.  I follow this plan very loosely and it does get me doing things just a little earlier than I used to.  I'm not talking decorating, but a little planning, cookie baking, gift buying, etc.  Early is better than late, especially if you run a little gift basket business from your home.  Whenever I wait until the last minute, I have a sick boy, or a snow day, etc.  
  3. I also got a note from the turkey farm that they are ready to take Thanksgiving orders!  I always enjoy my little trek, about an hour away, to pick up that turkey a couple of days before Thanksgiving.
  4. Seriously, I just want to concentrate on finishing up this half-house reno before even thinking of holidays!  It's not even Halloween yet! 
  5. I did drive into our neighborhood today and saw the neighbors putting up their Christmas decorations.  Not just lights to turn on later, but wreaths, garland and Christmas ribbon!  Wonder what the trick-or-treaters are going to think! ha.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Working the Weekend

We were hard workers here this weekend!
"Bot" helped, too!  I'm loving the new floors and haven't
missed carpet for one second!  The biggest change is that
our rabbit's fur (he sheds worse than any dog or cat) rolls
like tumble weeds across the floor.  I've had Bot out
every day to take care of it.  So far, so good!

We're no longer eating on the little card table!

And we've put the drawer pulls on!
(More on these later....aren't they pretty?)
We still have a few things to happen...counter tops come
on Friday.  Then next week will be all the finishing touches
like lighting, back splash, sink, faucet, etc.

I gave my desk a fresh coat of paint and got it back in it's nook!
Today I brought in a few plants for the season.
 We'll have to see how this pot of geraniums does.
I trimmed, watered, and cleaned up the pots.
And topped them all off with some fresh potting soil.
They had been neglected since the reno started!

It was lovely here today...warm and sunny!
Felt great to have the windows open!
If it stays like this we'll have to call it Indian Summer!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Beeswax Castings

I was browsing on Etsy a few weeks ago and found these 
beeswax castings made from reproductions of the
Springerle cookie molds carved as long ago as 1500.
I've always loved Springerle cookie molds, so these caught my eye!

Pure beeswax is melted, tinted black and poured into the molds.
Then they are dusted with cinnamon to bring out the detailing.
They smell like honey!

I had brought home a box of vintage picture frames from the
auction trash a few months ago and I looked through them and
found a frame that was the right size.
I used hot glue to attached foam board and cork to the back
so I could pin the castings in the frame.

The castings are made by Jane at Magpie Jane.
You can visit her shop HERE.
It was fun to browse through all the choices!
I love the vintage look and she does beautiful work, doesn't she?

I hung this in my new kitchen!