Saturday, March 28, 2015

Current Favorite Snack

Root Vegetable Chips.
Have you tried them?  I think they are addictive.
Sweet Potato, Beet, Taro, Batata, and Parsnips.
Not too salty, sweet and savory.  Super crunchy.
Not at all greasy.  Organic.

Two brands I've tried ~ Kroger's Simple Truth Exotic
Vegetable Chips and Terra Chips. (terrachips.com)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Chocolate Egg Tray Repurposed

I got this old chocolate egg mold from the auctions last year.
 I had a fun idea to use it as a drawer insert in my kitchen.
Fortunately it fit exactly in this drawer and now holds a few
 small kitchen things like birthday candles and toothpicks.

I like the way it rests on the sides 
 and my cutting boards can still lay in the drawer!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don't Take Life Too Seriously...

...Nobody gets out alive."

In light of that Elbert Hubbard quote, I played with my food today.
A little raspberry forest.

And some other things that made me smile lately....

  1. A little snake watching.
  2. The sunrise this morning.
  3. Last night looking outside and seeing Peaches sunning himself.  He came running as soon as he heard my voice!
  4. Spring sky.
  5. Spencer, so excited to receive a railway magazine from Keith.
  6. Clean and organized jewelry.  Now I can find what I'm looking for!
  7. This little surprise.  A lost dog at my back door.  She must have heard we'd help her get home, which we did.  But not before I endured 20 minutes of incessant barking, guarded the cat flap (she saw Nugget through the glass!), kept Slate from going out the flap, and wished The Mister would get home to help since I couldn't leave the flap, had Harry in the tub, Socks and Velvet up in the tree, dinner on the stove, and wasn't having any luck reading the middle tag on that collar while she kept jumping as high as I am tall. Whew!
  8. Groceries, making a pretty still life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Snow

We got some snow late yesterday afternoon!
I thought I'd see if I could capture a snowflake or two
with my macro lens.  Not as good as Wilson Bentley
but not bad for little old me. ha.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bright Spot

This guy was a welcome splash of color
 on this very cold, grey day!
I thanked him with peanuts.
It was a mutually agreeable arrangement. :)