Sunday, February 14, 2016

Seeing Red

I baked a cake today.
Red Velvet.  Yum.
Wish I could serve you a slice!
Would you like coffee or tea with that?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Random Act of Kindness Challenge 2016 #2

Someone asked me recently to let her know if I ever put anything
in my etsy shop that had a violet pattern on it.  Well, I just
happened to come across a few pieces and thought I'd just
surprise her by mailing this sweet little soap dish to her.

I don't know her personally but we've had a little contact 
online and I know her brother pretty well.
And fortunately, I even had her mailing address,
so that was easy!  

This little vintage piece is hand painted and signed by the artist.
I thought it was beautiful!

Here it is all packed up and ready to go!
I hope it makes her day.
I mean, who doesn't like to get surprises in the mail? 

I'm linking up with Manu for her RAK Challenge.
Click HERE to join or read more encouraging stories!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

And It Snowed!

We woke up to snow this morning!
Late this afternoon I was out and about,
so come take a drive with me...it
was so beautiful!

I only had my cell phone with me so the pictures
aren't perfect, but you get the idea!
It's still snowing and is supposed to snow all night!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love Birds

I finally took my Christmas wreath down today and put up
something a little more in keeping with February.
A touch of romance while still looking wintry.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Sign Of Good Luck

Did you know that if a bird lands on your head, 
it's a sign of good luck?
No wonder my Garden Girl just keeps smiling!
Every day she has a little extra dose of luck added
to her growing stash.

I've had a butterfly land on my shoulder before.
Does that count?

I'm linking up with Annie and I'd Rather B Birdin'.
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Friday Night Date Night

Red mascara and highlights?
She must be hitting the town tonight!
What a trend-setter!  She's sure to turn heads!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Random Act Of Kindness Challenge 2016 #1

For the month of February, I'm joining in a 
Random Act of Kindness Challenge, hosted by
the lovely Manu!  The idea is that you do something
 kind for someone else....a stranger or someone you know.
It can be a gift of time, money or some kind of pay-it-forward.
Some of the best RAK's don't cost a thing....just look for 
an opportunity to encourage someone else.
Then, each Friday post about it and link to her blog.
Hopefully by posting about it, we encourage each other
to think past ourselves and spread a little love.  

Yesterday, I baked cookies to give away.
I made up a new recipe, Orange White Chocolate,
and they turned out very tasty!

I sent half  of them to work with The Mister and I took the
other have with me to an auction to pass out to people.

If you want to join in the challenge, click HERE
to go to Manu's blog!